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The 21st Century Leadership for Diversity is a collective network emerging across industries, championing leadership focused on what’s possible for the greater good. We are a diverse, active and self-organizing community of leadership support and mutual mentorship.


Diversity of people, perspectives and products is a natural outcome of creative intelligence. True diversity requires a leadership reformation to reimagine how we fundamentally do business; to make meaning and money. Supported by significant data and research, creative intelligence as a force for leadership that inspires the collective is undeniable. Leadership for Diversity is a commitment to embody our best selves more consistently and support each other in the process.


L4D Mission & Collective Call to Action

Investment in human-centered leadership to ensure creativity, inclusion, diversity and meaningful engagement are embodied across organizations.  L4D spreads its vision through talks, interactive experiences, workshops, articles, broadcast programming, and summits, partnering and working with forward-thinking companies and individuals globally.


Leadership Approaches & Resources

L4D is a place where leadership and multidisciplinary research meet to foster collective creativity. Members across industries share 21st-century leadership intelligence through a resource-rich repository for all to access. We also connect like-minded people across industries and disciplines to cultivate supportive relationships. 


We encourage you to join us, share and borrow ideas and resources, and become a better leader in the process.



We seek to be a driving force behind solutions, talks, articles, workshops, and summits. L4D will be hosting a panel Nov. 14 at DigiWorld in Montpellier, France. You can also see us in Anaheim at Casual Connect in January 2018.


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