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What is Leadership for Diversity?


     •   A shared commitment to become better leaders across industries


          •   A shared repository of 21st-Century Leadership resources


               •  A diverse and active mutual - mentor and leadership network


                               A Collective Vision


As we witness the leadership fallout across industries, we recognize unconscious bias as the root cause, a blind spot we all suffer from. Achieving true diversity requires upgrading how we do
business, starting with ourselves.

Analytical thinking alone is no longer sufficient. We believe in leadership championing what’s possible for the greater good.


Transforming ourselves demands we expand our awareness to foster inclusion, diversity, meaningful engagement and equity across organizations.

Supported by significant research, heart intelligence - as a force for leadership that inspires the collective, is undeniable. A more scientific understanding of the “heart” defines it as a creative intelligence, affecting our reality stronger than the brain.

Creativity is the most valuable leadership skill of the 21st century. It’s a power within us transcending culture, creed, gender or racial bias.

Imagine embracing fear to genuinely connect with others. Imagine leadership that unleashes our full human potential.

Imagine committing to becoming our best possible selves more consistently. Imagine collective
intelligence, the reward diversity brings.

It’s time to rise to the occasion and remove ourselves from our exclusive clubs. After all, we are
all connected.

This collective network grows and becomes stronger with your involvement. Join us and help spread the word. You may also join our Facebook Group to stay up-to-date.

Join our Contributing Leaders!

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