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Casual Connect USA 2017 - United in Diversity Symposium - "Bucking the Status Quo"

Jason Pace, Digital Future Lab - UW Bothell; Josie Nutter, DigiPen; Aina Braxton, Digital Future Lab; Juan Gril, FlowPlay; Elizabeth Olson, Strategic Marketing, PR & BizDev

July 31, Seattle, WA

GamesBeat 2015 - Diversity Breakout Session: "Conscious & Unconscious Bias" 

Megan Gaiser, Contagious Creativity; Gordon Bellamy, USC; Ashra Rasheed, Disney; Katy Jo Meyer, Microsoft and Justin Hefter, Bandura Games

October 12-13, 2015, San Francisco, CA

Fostering Creativity video - 20:10

Photo credit: Michael O'Donnell/VentureBeat

Photo credit: Michael O'Donnell/VentureBeat

These are just some of the many voices and conversations championing leadership for

diversity, equity, creativity, and meaningful engagement.

GamesBeat 2015 - "Fostering Creativity Within Yourself & Your Team" Fireside Chat with Megan Gaiser, Contagious Creativity, and Daniel Bernstein, The Corum Group

October 12-13, 2015, San Francisco, CA

Unconscious Bias Breakout
Nicole Lazzaro (XEODesign)
Leadership Fireside Chat
Megan Gaiser (Contagious Creativity)
Dean Takahashi (VentureBeat)
Jessica Tams (Casual Connect)
Going Beyond Gaming's Limits
Brie Coden (Tru Luv Media)
Unconcious Bias Breakout
Bucking the Status Quo
Christina Heller (VR Playground)
Unconcious Bias breakout panel
S_GranerRay (Meretz/Zombie Cat)
Creativity: What's Diversity Got...
Elizabeth Olson (Strategic Mrkt/PR)
Creativity: What's Diversity Got...
Nichol Bradford (Willow Group)
GDC Diversity Panel
Robin Hunicke (Funomena)
Paul Furio (Amazon)
Wanda Meloni (OGA, GBR)
Krissie King (WIGI/GameScribes)
Bucking the Status Quo panel
attachment (1)
Jen MacLean (IGDA Foundation)
Creativity: What's Diversity Got...
Wanda Meloni (M2 Insights/OGA)
Guy Bendov (Side-Kick Games)
Belinda Van Sickle (GameDocs/WIGI)
Fostering Creativity fireside chat
Kate Edwards (IGDA)
Bucking the Status Quo panel
Sheri Rubin (Design Direct Deliver)
Justin Berenbaum (Team17/IDGA)
Cat Wendt (iThrive/IDGA)
Fostering Creativity Fireside Chat
Leslie Pirritano (AMD)
Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs)
Margaret Wallace (Playmatics)
Daniel Bernstein (The Corum Group)
Heidi McDonald (iThrive Games)
GDC Diversity Panel
Jesse Schell (Schell Games)
Terry Redfield (Wicked Fun)
Rami Ishmail (Vlambeer)
Laurie Marshall (Academy of Art)
Charles Babb (Fairchild Consortium)
Ellen Guon Beeman (Author/DigiPen)
Theresa Duringer (Temple Gates)
Juan Gril (FlowPlay)
Elizabeth LaPensee (Michigan State)
Tim Schafer (Double Fine)
Tara Brannigan (FlareGames)

Upcoming Events

Bucking the Status Quo video - 30:45

Photo credit: Michael O'Donnell/VentureBeat

GamesBeat Summit 2017 - "Bucking the Status Quo"

Megan Gaiser, Contagious Creativity; Rami Ishmail, Vlambeer; Ashra Rasheed, Disney; and Guy Bendov, Side-Kick Games

May 1-2, 2017; Berkeley, CA

Past Events

Creativity: What's Diversity Got To Do With It video - 25:17

Photo credit: VentureBeat


GamesBeat Conference 2016 - "Creativity: What's Diversity Got To Do With It?"

Megan Gaiser, Contagious Creativity; Ru Weerasuriya, Ready At Dawn Studios; Michael Condrey, Sledgehammer Games & Nicole Lazzaro, XEODesign 

August 1-3, 2016; Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Casual Connect USA 2018 

January 24-26, Anaheim, CA

DigiWorld Summit 2017: Investing in Our Digital Future

November 14-16, Montpellier, France

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